5..4..3..2..1.. ACTION!

V-CAN Season 2 is CALLING FOR APPLICATION! Join now and get a chance to win iPad Pro 11”.
This year, we decide to take the fun to another level, as the Season 2 is calling for a CONTESTANT-DUO to participate in the Video Contest for Alumni Network.


What will you have to do?
Tell your stories, share your life and career updates, and just have fun!!

How do you do it?
Grab your phone, contact your MI friend to join the team, turn on your camera, be creative, and get started!

What will you get?
Four winning teams will be selected. One winning team for each of the following award title:

a). Best Content: Contribution to Community/Industrial partners/External partners
b). Best Content: Contribution to the Network
c). Most Creative
d). Most Popular (based on Facebook likes)
Equipment supply (iPad Pro 11” 128 Gb) will be provided individually for EACH member of the winning team. So, we will give out four titles, and eight equipment supply sets.
All participating individuals will receive an e-Certificate of Recognition as “Alumni of the Year”.


  1. Video must not be longer than 3 minutes
  2. Video must be in English, or with English subtitles
  3. Video must be created by a team of two only (individual or larger team will not be considered), and each member must make an appearance on screen (not necessarily at the same time)
  4. Both team members must be AUN/SEED-Net alumni, but can either be from the same institutions or different institutions within AUN/SEED-Net network.
  5. Each team can only submit one video. Last year’s contestants can also apply.


The content coverage of your video must include ALL Core Contents, and AT LEAST THREE of the Selective Content options.

  1. Core Contents
    • Self-introduction of team members
    • Which program(s) of AUN/SEED-Net have you joined?
    • How did you get to know each other?
    • What kind of work do you do now?
  1. Selective Content Coverage (Pick at least 3)
    Note: Both participants are not required to answer the same question. One can cover one thing, while the other elaborates on a different topic.

    • How did your experiences with AUN/SEED-Net prepare you for your life and career?
    • What encouraged you to participate in the AUN/SEED-Net program in the first place? Any favorite activities among those you have joined?
    • How are the network or connections with fellow AUN/SEED-Net alumni beneficial to you?
    • Any particular experience or memorable moments (can be fun or funny ones as well) during your AUN/SEED-Net journey that you want to share with the network members?
    • Is there any project you and your team mate are currently collaborating on, or plan to collaborate in the near future? Please give us some sneak peek.
    • During the time of COVID-19, how are you contributing your knowledge and skills to help improve the situation (e.g. research, facilitation of online classes, etc.)?
    • How do you see AUN/SEED-Net alumni network in the future?
    • How has your work contributed to the development in engineering, economic, education, or social aspects in your country/region?
    • Any suggestions on how to keep the alumni network unified and connected during the New Normal period?
    • Do you have any advice or positive thoughts to share with our alumni network?

Submission Instructions

Important Dates

  • Deadline of submission: September 30, 2021
  • Voting period for Most Popular award (Facebook Likes): October 1-14, 2021
  • Winner announcement: November 11, 2021

Important Remarks

  • Participating teams must be the original creator of the entries. Entries must be unpublished works, not be the re-edited versions of other work (including that of last year’s participants). No plagiarism, borrowing, copying, or counterfeiting is allowed.
  • Caution when using music in your video: V-CAN participants can add music, sound effects, images, and any other audio-visual materials to their video, but please be sure to opt for a royalty-free use of the material with no restrictions.
  • Any entries involving intellectual property rights disputes shall be the responsibility of the entrants themselves and have nothing to do with AUN/SEED-Net. In this regard, AUN/SEED-Net shall bear no responsibility for any disputes or claims on IPRs related to video, and AUN/SEED-Net has rights to withdraw award.
  • Contestants agree upon submitting the application to grant AUN/SEED-Net the right to broadcast their work.
  • All registered participants will receive an electronic Certificate of Recognition as “AUN/SEED-Net Alumni of the Year 2021”.
  • All the above-mentioned equipment supplies are NOT available for the participant of Singapore, Brunei, and Japan nationality.
  • The shipping service for the above-mentioned equipment Supplies are covered destinations within ASEAN countries.
  • One team can only receive one award category. If a team obtains a highest score in more than one category; one award will be given to the first runner-up, which will be decided by the judging panel.

We can’t wait to see your stunning videos!!

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