Let us start this year’s award announcement with the BIG THANKS to all nine V-CAN participating teams, or 18 participating individuals. Each and every video submitted to V-CAN Season II made it very hard for the judging committee to deliver the results, so hard that we wish we could award them all, because the creativity, inspiring stories, and dynamic contents of all videos definitely blew us away.

As you know, V-CAN Season II is not an individual contest, but a duo. Hence, it couldn’t make us happier to see two alumni come together as a team, collaborate and work the story out, then deliver such a spectacular result! This means a lot to us, and to our network. All the videos not only portrayed life stories; they also conveyed inspirational messages to our network members.
As difficult as it could get, the decision has been made.

Ladies and gentlemen, after a long wait, please join us to congratulate this year’s V-CAN AWARD WINNERS who will be receiving an iPad Pro 11”!!!!

The Best Content: Contribution to the Network Award goes to Dr. Sounthisack Phommachanh, and Dr. Khanthanou Luangxaysana, Faculty of Engineering, National University of Laos for their impressive video “AUN-SEED/Net Alumni Collaboration at NUOL”. Their contribution to the network both on-screen and off-screen is truly admirable.

The Best Content: Contribution to Community/Industrial Partners/External Partners Award is won by Dr. Kimleang KHOEURN, Faculty of Chemical and Food Engineering, and Mrs. Chan Arun Phoeurn, Faculty of Hydrology and Water Resource Engineering, Institute of Technology of Cambodia, with their “What we were meant to be after AUN/SEED-Net Scholarship”. With their precise elaboration and the impact of the work they contributed to the society, the award is meant to be theirs!!

Most Creative Award is claimed by a familiar face, Dr. Saret Bun (Institute of Technology of Cambodia), last year’s V-CAN winner, and his teammate, Mr. Penghour Hong from B2G Engineering Co., Ltd. Their video, “Seed and Network of AUN/SEED-Net Grow for Sustainable Development,” showed nothing less than an epic story telling gimmick. Though fun and casual, the hidden message about collaboration between academia and industry is very well highlighted.

Last but not least, the Most Popular Award goes to “Chan’s Brothers in AUN/SEED-Net Network” made by the real Chan brothers: Dr. Rathborey Chan and Mr. Ratboren Chan, both from the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (and from the same family as well). Seeing the charms of the two brothers and their AUN/SEED-Net journeys in the video, it is no surprise why they made the top list of popular vote with over 1,300 Likes on Facebook voting channel!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to all Award Winners!!!

Again, we couldn’t thank all the participants enough for your hard work and meaningful stories; they will always stay in the hearts of all of us in the network.
And we couldn’t ask for a better, and a more special collaboration between friends/peers/alumni to produce these videos; this truly reflects how strong our network is, depicted in a micro level.

We also appreciate all parties who took part in the contest, whether you are someone who held cameras for your friends, someone who helped editing, or someone who clicked Like like crazy on Facebook to support your friends! All these friends are in AUN/SEED-Net family, and V-CAN is like our family video—something so memorable that we will keep watching it over and over again then smile.

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