Greetings to each and every one of you!
Today brings to a close the first ever Video Contest for the Alumni Network (V-CAN). We are immensely pleased to have received so many creative videos from talented alumni, full of fresh ideas and unique perspectives.

After the screening committee carefully reviewed all the videos, only 10 entries made it through to the Prefinalist and Online Voting Phase. The winners of the Golden, Silver, and Bronze awards were then chosen from this group. For the Online Voting Phase, all the 10 entries received a grand total of 4,765 votes via Facebook. The videos were viewed 70,650 times, generating a total of 21,641 engagements!

AUN/SEED-Net is ecstatic about the level of engagement and incredibly thankful to everyone who participated in the contest.
Now, let’s name our winners!

The Golden Award goes to Saret Bun for his video entitled, “Voice of Cambodian AUN/SEED-Net Alumni, Dr. Saret Bun” narrated in his beautiful, deep impactful voice. After watching and listening to his story, we were impressed by his experience of the AUN/SEED-Net program which demonstrates the power of alumni to strengthen and expand the network over time. In addition, this entry also received a tremendous 1.4k votes via Facebook for the Popularity Award but as the rule said that if the contestant wins more than one award, he/she can receive only the highest prize, Saret can only receive the Golden Award. Saret will receive an equipment supply consisting of a Mac Book Pro. Congratulations!

The Silver Award goes to Muhammad Fatih Qodri for his video entitled, “Thank You, AUN/SEED-Net for Improving ASEAN’s Human Development Index.” Which is based on AUN/SEED-Net’s vision to contribute to sustainable development through highly skilled human resource development in engineering fields. Muhammad will receive an equipment supply consisting of an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and Apple Keyboard. Congratulations!

The Bronze Award goes to Rio Octovinary Pramanagara. It was a pleasure to hear his after-graduation stories about his experience as a faculty member and a volunteer in rural areas of Indonesia. He was given the opportunity by AUN/SEED-Net to share what he had gained with others by devoting himself to the next generation who are the future of the ASEAN and our world. Rio will receive an equipment supply consisting of an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Congratulations!

The Popularity Award goes to Rimmon Salvacion Labadan – the only current scholar to participate in the contest. He is from the Philippines and pursuing a doctoral degree under the AUN/SEED-Net Collaborative Education Program (CEP) at Thammasat University (TU) in Thailand. He proved to be the most attractive and engaging contestant, receiving the highest number of votes. His entry received 1.6k votes. Rimmon will receive an equipment supply consisting of an iPad Air. Congratulations!

Another Popularity Award goes to Reasmey Tan, who is a lecturer and researcher. Her research area focuses on the Tole Sap Lake, Cambodia. Reasmey’s video entitled, “AUN/SEED-Net Alumni from Cambodia” presents her story, covering more than 16 years with AUN/SEED-Net. Since becoming a member of the AUN/SEED-Net family, she has strengthened her network bonds and connections by participating in many of our programs and activities. Reasmey received a total of 594 votes and is indeed one of our most active and enthusiastic alumni. Reasmey will receive an equipment supply consisting of an iPad Air. Congratulations!

We are extremely grateful to everyone who created a video and participated in the voting process. Those who were unlucky this time should not be discouraged! There will be more contests in the future. We will try to improve our screening process and expand the range of awards. We hope to see many returning contestants. Look out for our announcements!

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