The 4 th AUN/SEED-Net Working Group Meeting (WGM) was held on 9-10 June 2015, in Bangkok, Thailand. A total of 54 participants took part in the meeting, among them representatives from Member Institutions (MIs), Representative from Japanese Supporting University Consortium (JSUC), JICA Headquarters, JICA Thailand Office, Senior Consultant from Tekizaitekisho LLC, and AUN/SEED-Net Secretariats. As stated in the Cooperative Framework, the AUN/SEED-Net called for a meeting with the Working Group to discuss operational matters, to operate programs in the AUN/SEED-Net, as well as ways and means in order to enhance efficiency in the execution of all the programs and activities for Post Phase 3.

The meeting, while reviewing the progress on the Project, exchanged views on how to execute project activities better including Graduate Degree Program, Collaborative Research Program, Mobility Program, University-Industry Linkage, Financial Procedures, ASEAN Engineering Journal, University-Industry Linkage, and Public Relations.

In addition, the feedback of Ex-Post Evaluation for AUN/SEED-Net Project in Phase I (2003- 2008) and Phase II (2008-2013) was presented by Senior Consultant from Tekizaitekisho LLC. The objective of the evaluation is to ensure the accountability of the project, which is supported by the Japanese Government, as well as examines and draw recommendation for future action.

The highlight of the meeting was the session when participants conducted a group discussion on the Future Plan for AUN/SEED-Net (After Phase 3). Through active participation and fruitful discussions, valuable comments and feedbacks have been addressed for example, suggestions on possible activities in Post Phase 3, and measure to improve the project implementation, etc.

Once again, we would like to thank all the members for participating the meeting. Your valuable comments and productive outputs were important elements which would be further used in the consideration how to implement the programs and activities of AUN/SEED-Net in the future.

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