The Regional Conference in Chemical Engineering (RCChE) 2017 was organized successfully by De La Salle University, Manila on 6-7 November 2017 under the theme “Sustaining Chemical Engineering Ingenuity of Breakthroughs Towards a Successful ASEAN Integration”. There were approximately 90 participants from our network institutions and others from public and private sectors across ASEAN region as well as Japan.

The session started off with a resourceful lecture by Hon.Sec.Fortunato T.dela Pene, a key-note speaker from Department of Science and Technology Republic of the Philippines. Our fruitful panel discussion was launched and had engaged lots of audiences’ attention and interaction while this time it was a very great honor to have six resourceful keynote speakers attending in the event. First was Prof.Dr.Raymond Girard R.Tan from De La Salle University, second was Prof.Dr.Hirofumi Hinode from Tokyo Institute of Technology, third was Prof.Dr.Meng-Jiy Wang, from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, forth was Prof.Dr. Michael Angelo B.Promentilla,fifth was Prof.Dr. Masatoshi Kubouchi from Tokyo Institute of Technology and the last was the president of San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corp., Engr. Ferdinand A.Tumpalan.

This opportunity is given to and encouraged participants to execute future collaborations and define platforms for their future research. The 6th Field Management Meeting (FMM) was also held to discuss the operation and future direction of field activities. The participants of FMM were representatives from ASEAN Host Institutions, Japanese Field Supporting Universities, and AUN/SEED-Net Secretariat.

We are now open for application to organizer/host the 11th AUN/SEED-Net Regional Conference on Chemical Engineering. The deadline to apply is January 8th. If anyone is interested in applying, please visit

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