Tokyo Olympics Have Ended, but V-CAN’s Vide-O-lympics is about to Start!

Only one month left to apply for our V-CAN Season II. Let’s catch the September 30, 2021 deadline! Running out of ideas?? Don’t worry! We have a sample video to IGNITE YOUR IDEA and SPARK YOUR CREATIVITY!! Got inspired and refilled your think tank already? Click HERE to apply. READY… GET SET… GO!!! FOUR trophies and EIGHT iPads are waiting for you and your team mate at the finish line!!!

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V-CAN Season II Calls for Applications

5..4..3..2..1.. ACTION! V-CAN Season 2 is CALLING FOR APPLICATION! Join now and get a chance to win iPad Pro 11”. This year, we decide to take the fun to another level, as the Season 2 is calling for a CONTESTANT-DUO to participate in the Video Contest for Alumni Network. Highlights What will you have to do? Tell your stories, share your life and career updates, and just have fun!! How do you do it? Grab your phone, [...]

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Congratulations to all the V-CAN awardees and contestants!

Congratulations once again to all the V-CAN awardees and contestants! Your shared photos tell us how delighted you were to participate in the Video Contest for Alumni Network (V-CAN). This three-minute video contest has enabled us to stay connected. We are truly pleased to learn about the progress in your lives and career paths. We hope you can feel the pride surrounding you as our alumni. Until next time. Please stay tuned and stay connected with us. [...]

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V-CAN 2020 Winner Announcement

Greetings to each and every one of you! Today brings to a close the first ever Video Contest for the Alumni Network (V-CAN). We are immensely pleased to have received so many creative videos from talented alumni, full of fresh ideas and unique perspectives. After the screening committee carefully reviewed all the videos, only 10 entries made it through to the Prefinalist and Online Voting Phase. The winners of the Golden, Silver, and Bronze awards were then chosen from [...]

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