Call for Applications: To Organize the Regional Conference in 2022 (on-site, virtual, or hybrid event)

Representatives from AUN/SEED-Net Member Institutions who have a strong intention to organize the Regional Conference are eligible to apply and receive a maximum grant of USD14,000. The theme of each RC must be closely related to any of the following 10 engineering fields, and cross-disciplinary areas are strongly encouraged. The selection of the awardees will be proposal-based. Chemical Engineering (ChE) Civil Engineering (CE) Computer and Information Engineering (CIE) Geological and Geo-Resource Engineering (GeoE) Materials Engineering (MatE) Mechanical and Manufacturing [...]


Without the contribution of our alumni, the long journey of AUN/SEED-Net would not be so fruitful. The Alumni Support Program for Event (ASP-E) has been created according to the belief that collaboration is good for self-development and can bring alumni together to strengthen the network and community. We have added some highlights to make the final year of the award special. Join us in 2022 to create AUN/SEED-Net history. Highlights Everyone in the AUN/SEED Network can join (at least [...]

Call for Applications: Alumni Support Program for Events (ASP-E)

“Interested in hosting events and attending professional networking events with your AUN/SEED network?” For those involved in organizing academic meetings, workshops, seminars, or other events to sustain the connection among alumni and strengthen the collaboration that potentially leads to sustainable cooperation in science and technology in the ASEAN, this is a great opportunity! We are now calling for applications to the Alumni Support Program for Events (ASP-E), a newly launched program taking place during the Japanese Fiscal year [...]

Call for Applications : The Alumni Support Program (ASP-R) is offering alumni an excellent research opportunity to collaborate for social impact

The Alumni Support Program for Research (ASP-R) provides grants to support individual research projects and sustain the momentum of research collaboration among the AUN/SEED-Net community and society. The program has expanded from research activity grants to include support for virtual teaching in response to new normal requirements. The research and virtual teaching may be in any field of engineering. Conducted in a highly practical manner and applicable for real use, the research and virtual teaching [...]

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