Call for application for Alumni Support Program (ASP) 2019’s 2nd Batch

More than 15 years of our project history with over 1,000 alumni and countless academic activities, AUN/SEED.Net seeks to sustain our good collaboration and expand the network. Alumni Support Program (ASP) has been specially created to meet the needs of alumni who know what is best for their connection. This is truly “a program of alumni for alumni”.

[Good Practice] Alumni stories: ‘Doing research is not only just for graduation but also for the sake of science and society…’

Sokly SIEV was endorsed by Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) to join AUN/SEED-Net to study a Master’s Degree Program of Environmental Engineering (UP, 2012-2014) and Doctoral Degree Program in Japan (TIT, 2015-2018) under AUN/SEED-Net scholarship. Right after graduation, he started working as a postdoctoral researcher for Yamagata University and also a visiting postdoctoral researcher at TIT.

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