Program: Collaborative Research with Industry (CRI)

Field: Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Principal Investigator: Assoc. Prof. Trio Adiono

Sending University: Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)

Japanese Co-Investigator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kiyohiko NAKASAKI

Japanese University: Keio University

Year: 2015


The purpose of research is to design an Analog Front End module of NFC chip. This module has a function to enable near field communication between devices and to provide power supply to internal modules. This module can be integrated as a single chip with a flash memory or as a SoC. On the other hand, this module can also work as a stand-alone chip that can be integrated as an embedded system.
The AFE is the key circuit of the NFC system such as smart card. It rectifies the incoming RF signal providing a stable regulated voltage supply for the digital core and other circuits. Furthermore, in receiving mode, it detects and demodulates the modulated RF signal and provides a digital bit stream for the digital core. In transmitting mode, it changes the input impedance of the transponder between two states in order to realize the load modulation.
As a result of this project, we can do a comprehensive measurement in doing the research using the facilities in partner university. We get many valuable advice and directions from the experts that guide us in achieving our research goal. For industry, they can use our research result as the basic consideration in designing their products.
They can also make a full use of the foreign experts involved in this research in evaluating their product design.