The awarded organizers hosting Regional Conference (RC) 2020 in 10 Engineering Fields is announced here.

Regarding the sponsorship for faculty member of MIs to attend RC in 10 Engineering Fields, the operation and selection has been changed as following detail.

  •  The nomination email/letter from MIs is not required.
  • The faculty member is welcome to submit abstract/full paper directly to the organizer.
  • RC organizer and RC Scientific Committee will rank the submitted abstract/paper based on the quality.
  • RC organizer and AUN/SEED-Net will then offer sponsorship up to 22 participants based on the ranked abstract/paper.

The sponsorship covers;

  • Round Trip Air ticket (arranged by AUN/SEED-Net)
  • Accommodation max. of 3 nights
  • Round Trip Airport pickup
  • Conference registration fee waiving

For the sponsored participant, he/she has to commit to submit another full paper to be published with AEJ within 1 year after the RC ends. This paper must not be published anywhere else with both ISBN/ISSN including the conference’s proceedings. Failure to complete the submission, he/she will be temporarily suspended from receiving the future RC sponsorship.

AUN/SEED-Net will update info later on the important dates of each RC. Please stay tune at or

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