Program: Collaborative Research with Industry (CRI)

Field: Energy Engineering

Principal Investigator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. HUYNH THANH CONG

Sending University: Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT)

Japanese Co-Investigator: Prof. Dr. Akihiko AZETSU

Japanese University: Tokai University

Year: 2016


Motorcycles are not only the major mean of transport but also the main source of air pollution in the biggest cities in Vietnam. Nowadays, the high levels of air pollution are one of the most important problems that characterized the urban areas of both developed and developing countries. In Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, they comprise of about 95% of total transport vehicles. The number of vehicles has quickly increased every year. The registered motorcycles in Vietnam are almost 43 million at the end of 2014. Last year, the number of motorcycles in Ho Chi Minh City is estimated at 6.83 million. The rapid increase of motorcycles leads in the problems of air pollution, high fuel consumption, heavy accidents, dense traffic jam, and big operating cost of road maintenance.

In this project, there are two major objective is to study: (1) to realize a current status of emission characteristics and fuel consumption of commonly used motorcycles in Ho Chi Minh City. Based on these results, the sustainable measures for reduction in emission and fuel consumption are applied, (2) to propose a Ho Chi Minh City motorcycle driving cycle. For the second task, the emission factor of motorcycles must be determined. A number of methods can be used to obtain an emission factor database such as: using emission factors from the country that has similar transport system; using emission models, usually instantaneous emission models; and developing a localized driving cycle and implementing it on test motorcycles mounted on rollers. To build up the research network group with new scientists and researchers To publish research publication, and to educate the master students with researchbased education To strengthen the industryuniversity linkage