Project Description

Video Contest for Alumni Network (V-CAN)

With more than 17 years of history involving over 2,000 alumni and countless academic activities, AUN/SEED-Net seeks to sustain good collaboration and expand its network. The Three Minute Alumni Video Contest is an alternative platform where AUN/SEED-Net alumni can present themselves, get to know and update each other, and discuss potential collaborations with other alumni members and people outside the network. The exercise also helps alumni to stay connected.

Moreover, AUN/SEED-Net can also use the videos as promotional materials to influence, change, and improve relationships, not only between the project and stakeholders, but also with people outside the network.

To join the contest, please click here for further details.

Applications can be completed online here.

Meet V-CAN 2020 Winners:

  • Golden Award

  • Video Title: “Voice of Cambodian AUN/SEED-Net Alumni, Dr. Saret Bun”

  • Presented by: Saret Bun

  • Affiliation: Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC)

  • Silver Award

  • Video Title: “Thank You, AUN/SEED-Net for Improving ASEAN’s Human Development Index”

  • Presented by: Muhammad Fatih Qodri

  • Affiliation: Institut Teknologi Nasional Yogyakarta

  • Bronze Award

  • Video Title: “AUN/SEED-Net Video Contest Rio Pramanagara, West Papua – Indonesia”

  • Presented by: Rio Octovinary Pramanagara

  • Affiliation: University of Papua

  • Popularity Award
  • Video Title: “AUN/SEED-Net Seed for the Future”

  • Presented by: Rimmon Salvacion Labadan

  • Affiliation: Thammasat University (TU)

  • Popularity Award
  • Video Title: “AUN/SEED-Net Alumni from Cambodia”
  • Presented by: Reasmey Tan
  • Affiliation: Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC)

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