The Directory aims to be a platform between industry and academia both in ASEAN and Japan to acquire and provide details of university research facilities and laboratory services as a reference for future collaboration.

The “Directory for Engineering” has 8 Editions in 8 countries namely Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PRD, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. Each version of Directory is categorized into 10 engineering fields of AUN/SEED-Net. The Table of Contents is arranged based on field and university. There is also an Industry Index in order to easily pinpoint the require service by related industry.

Intensive Course on Management of Technology (MOT)

Learning Management of Technology (MOT) is recommended for AUN/SEED-Net students and young academic staff to understand the importance of conducting research from the standpoint of necessary technology relating to the industrial sector.

Seminar on Operating Educational Programs Based on Technological Trends of Industry (U-I Seminar)

Seminar on Making linkage with Industry provides participants a chance to improve their knowledge on formulation formulation and operation of education programs reflecting technological trends in the industrial sector or on making University – Industry Linkage to help Member Institutions to contribute contribute to the development of industry, as well as to enhance research and education capacity of Member Institutions to generate highly qualified graduates.

University – Industry Linkage Promotion Training (U-I Training)

University – Industry Linkage Promotion Training provides faculty staff from Member Institutions with a short training in Japan on how to make a linkage with industry through research. After training, Japanese experts are dispatched to monitor and give advice to former participants of the course as well as other faculty staff.