Regional Conference (RC) is an academic conference supported by AUN/SEED-Net. The purpose is to serve as a platform where researchers, academicians, industries, communities and policy makers can share cutting-edged knowledge and experience and address common regional issues in the field of engineering.
Representatives from any MIs who have strong intention to organize RC are eligible to apply and receive a maximum grant of USD 14,000. Theme of each RC must be closely related to any of the 10 engineering fields as follows and cross disciplinary areas of a particular field are highly welcome:

  1. Chemical Engineering (ChE)
  2. Civil Engineering (CE)
  3. Computer and Information Engineering (CIE)
  4. Geological & Geo-Resource Engineering (GeoE)
  5. Materials Engineering (MatE)
  6. Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering (ME/ManuE)
  7. Energy Engineering (EneE)
  8. Natural Disaster (ND)
  9. Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE)
  10. Environmental Engineering (EnvE)
Application Guidelines
RC 2022 Guidelines_final for kessai
Financial Guidelines
RC 2022_Financial Guidelines_final for kessai

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