Japanese Professor Dispatch Program (JPDP)

This program supports Japanese professors to visit Member Institutions in ASEAN in order to discharge joint research supervision of AUN/SEED-Net students, discuss research collaboration with faculty staff, or participate in AUN/SEED-Net Regional Conferences.

Research Fellowship Program (RF)

The Research Fellowship Program in ASEAN or in Japan supports young academic staff who have obtained a doctoral degree through any AUN/SEED-Net programs to continue their research work at Host Institutions in ASEAN or supporting universities in Japan for a maximum of 6 months.

Short-term Research Program in Japan (SRJP)

The program provides significant support to academic staff of Member Institutions to visit Japanese supporting universities for academic activities or network strengthening for a maximum of 30 days.

Short-term Visit Program in ASEAN (SVAS)

Academic staff of member institutions can utilize this program to travel for 30 days maximum to other Member Institutions in the ASEAN region for research work, technical assistance, network strengthening, or meeting on field-wise activities with persons concerned.