Project Description

Collaborative Education Program (CEP)

The Collaborative Education Program (CEP) is designed to encourage and establish partnerships among academic institutions and the private sector in the ASEAN and Japan. It is anticipated that the network and collaborative framework built up by AUN/SEED-Net over 15 years will not only be sustained but also enhanced.

Member Institution applicants are requested to establish a partnership in the form of a university consortium, consisting of four membership types, each performing a different role in the consortium, utilizing their expertise to deliver the expected outputs.

  1. ASEAN University A:                      AUN/SEED-Net Member Institutions except for Singapore and Brunei
  2. Japanese University B:                  Any Japanese University in Japan
  3. ASEAN University C (Optional):    Any ASEAN University
  4. Industry (Optional):                       Any company or research institutions, etc.

Awarded consortiums will be equipped not only with funding but also the flexibility to design and implement their own higher education program(s). A variety of academic activities could be attached to the study program(s) to ensure students possess the mobility, knowledge, and skills that are truly applicable to the needs of the private sector.

Following the establishment of the first CEP consortium in 2018, five more were initiated in 2019. Each consortium continues to utilize the unique strengths of their partners, through the tight linkages among them to formulate a variety of study programs in diverse areas. Learn more about AUN/SEED-Net university consortiums,


Member Institutions

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