Project Description

Alumni Support Program (ASP) is designed for AUN/SEED-Net alumni who already set up or intend to set up alumni group or alumni association to create research and educational activities managing by their group/association. The program aims to strengthen national and international collaboration initiated by alumni, which will potentially contribute to socio-economic development in ASEAN and Japan, as well as addressing regional and global issues by science and technology. The terms related to ASP are described below:

Definition of terms 

AUN/SEED-Net Alumni are former: 

    • Students of AUN/SEED-Net Scholarship Programs
    • Advisors of AUN/SEED-Net students
    • Awardees of AUN/SEED-Net Research, Mobility and Training Programs
    • Organizers and sponsored participants of AUN/SEED-Net Regional Conferences

Alumni group: a group consists of at least 5 founding members

Alumni association: a group consists of at least 5 founding members and is registered as association by law.

Founding members: 

    • At least 5 AUN/SEED-Net alumni who manage the alumni group/association and the fund from AUN/SEED-Net. They are currently working at ASP-awarded Member Institution.
    • If compulsory or applicable, founding members are responsible for registering the association.
    • The founding members must be responsible for financial management including timely submission of financial report and appropriate implementation of activities of alumni group/association.
    • Below are people who are not eligible to be founding members, but they can be members of alumni groups/ associations or join as participants in the activities organized by alumni group/association.

* AUN/SEED-Net alumni who hold Singapore, Brunei, Japan and Non-ASEAN nationalities

* AUN/SEED-Net alumni who do not work at ASP-awarded Member Institution 


The applicant must be AUN/SEED-Net alumni and be one of the founding members.

The application needs to be endorsed by responsible person (Dean or Rector) of Member Institution (MI). Establishing an alumni group/association is not limited to only Sending Institutions (SIs) of AUN/SEED-Net, but also Host Institutions (HIs) are eligible to apply for ASP. However, MIs in Singapore, Brunei and Japanese Supporting Universities (JSUs) are not eligible to apply for ASP.

Only one application per MI is allowed.


Activities shall be planned and implemented at the discretion of the alumni group/association, and AUN/SEED-Net provides financial support for activities which fulfils the set objectives of ASP. For example, the program’s financial support can cover the following activities: seminar, workshop, technical training, University-Industry linkage event, training, meeting related to the management of the alumni group/association and establishment of academic society and publication. For any unsure activity, please contact AUN/SEED-Net responsible staff at the earliest convenience. 

Any inquiry regarding Alumni Support Program (ASP), please contact: 

Annex l – ASP Financial Guidelines

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