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Alumni Support Program (ASP)

Since 2001, AUN/SEED-Net has been providing scholarships and research funds for ASEAN students and academic staff from Member Institutions. The alumni of AUN/SEED-Net not only include graduate scholars but also advisors and those who received support in collaborative research programs, mobility programs, training, and conferences. Most alumni are located in the ASEAN region and continue to make a strong collaborative contribution.

Since alumni are crucial assets for maintaining and expanding the network to society, the Alumni Support Program (ASP), initially created in Phase IV, is a platform for encouraging alumni to socialize and collaborate in knowledge sharing and academic activities for self-development and connection.

We strongly encourage AUN/SEED-Net alumni to join this prestigious program to strengthen the network within the ASEAN, Japan, and beyond.

Alumni groups from 2018–2020:

JFY Member Institutions Alumni Group Links
2018, 2019, 2020 ITC, Cambodia AUN SEED-Net ALUMNI OF CAMBODIA (ASAC)
2018, 2019, 2020 HUST, Vietnam HUST/SEED-Net Alumni group
2019, 2020 HCMUT, Vietnam HCMUT AUN/SEED-Net Alumni Association (H3A)
2019 UTM, Malaysia UTM Engineering & Sustainability SEED.Net Alumni

There are currently TWO different programs under the ASP:

1. Alumni Support Program for Events (ASP-E)
A program for alumni groups with a minimum of five people who are currently working at AUN/SEED-Net Member Institution(s), other universities, industry, or other sectors. The aim is for alumni to design and organize educational and professional networking activities to strengthen the bonds among each other and promote the linkage between alumni and society.
More information:

2. Alumni Support Program for Research (ASP-R)
A program for groups with a combination of alumni from AUN/SEED-Net Member Institutions and people from internal and external networks to collaborate for research purposes, contributing to socio-economic development while addressing regional and global issues through science and technology.
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Alumni Support Program
for Event (ASP-E)

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Alumni Support Program
for Research (ASP-R)

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