Video Contest for Alumni Network (V-CAN)

The Three Minute Alumni Video Contest is an alternative platform where AUN/SEED-Net alumni can present themselves, get to know and update each other, and discuss potential collaborations with other alumni members and people outside the network. The exercise also helps alumni to stay connected.

Member Institutions

Background In early 2020, COVID-19 has swept across the globe and posed serious threats to nations worldwide. Amidst this global health crisis, AUN/SEED-Net shares [...]

Short-Term Study in Japan Program (SSJP)

Short-Term Study Program in Japan (SSJP) is essential for AUN/SEED-Net students to conduct high quality doctoral thesis research of international standard. The research themes/topics [...]

Collaborative Research (CR)

Collaborative Research Program (CR) brings together faculty staff from Member Institutions (MIs) and Japanese Supporting Universities (JSUs) for a joint supervision of AUN/SEED-Net students’ [...]

Regional Conferences for Organizers

Regional Conference (RC) is an academic conference supported by AUN/SEED-Net. The purpose is to serve as a platform where researchers, academicians, industries, communities and [...]


Sponsorship Opportunity: Eligibility is opening to faculty members of MIs and all AUN/SEED-Net alumni. Please check the details of the RC you are interested [...]

Prospective Students

Those who look for post-graduate scholarships with opportunities to work with real industry or those who look for faculty and/or student mobility schemes, here [...]

Member Institutions

In 2018, Collaborative Education was initiated as a new program through the partnership among academic institutions and industry, it is anticipated that networking and [...]

Alumni Support Program for Research

A program for groups with a combination of alumni from AUN/SEED-Net Member Institutions and people from internal and external networks to collaborate for research [...]

Alumni Support Program for Event

A program for alumni groups with a minimum of five people who are currently working at AUN/SEED-Net Member Institution(s), other universities, industry, or other [...]

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