Regional Conferences

Regional Conferences for Organizers

Regional Conference (RC) is an academic conference supported by AUN/SEED-Net. The purpose is to serve as a platform where researchers, academicians, industries, communities and [...]


Sponsorship Opportunity: Eligibility is opening to faculty members of MIs and all AUN/SEED-Net alumni. Please check the details of the RC you are interested [...]

Regional Conferences for Participants

Regional Conference Program (RC) aims to accomplish the mission of the AUN/SEED-Net project in strengthening university-industry relations and enhance research capacities of academics in the field of engineering.

Regional Conferences for Organizers

The Regional Conference Program (RC) is a platform to share the most updated technology and research of regional common issues. RC Program also provides opportunities for participants to discuss future collaborations and activities related to each engineering field. Moreover, it aims at maximizing the outreach of the AUN/SEED-Net Network for stronger impacts by involving external participants such as representatives from the government, industry, community and other professional organizations.

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