Past Programs

University-Industry (U-I)

University-Industry Linkage aims to improve the commerciality and cohesiveness of academia research and industrial sector’s needs. Academic researchers liaise with industry players to understand core regional issues and needs as well as build rapport.

Mobility Grant (SVAS, SRJP)

AUN/SEED-Net aims to promote mobility of faculty staff to foster collaboration among these Member Institutions. The purpose and scope of the trip must be related to the academic purposes, but not limited to research experiment. The scope of activities can be varied such as the discussion on future collaboration, technical assistance, promoting the university to attract more qualified prospective scholars and so forth.

Research Grant (CRA, CRC, CRI)

Research grant is designed to primarily support full-time faculty members or researchers at AUN/SEED-Net Member Institutions to conduct research on a larger scale and to strengthen the partnership with Member Institution in other ASEAN countries, Japanese Supporting Universities, and industrial sectors.

Scholarship (Master’s, PhD)

AUN/SEED-Net Graduate Degree Program provides opportunity for young professionals and faculty members of Member Institutions to pursue graduate degrees in 10 engineering fields. The Program aims to enhance capacity development in science and technology across the ASEAN region by mobilizing human resources in the region and Japan. AUN/SEED-Net offers scholarships and research grants, targeting young and prospective faculty members to continue their career as teaching staff.

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