It is the ending of a long waiting.

Everyone can cast the popularity votes for the V-CAN contestants

Please don’t be shy in supporting the video clip you wish him/her to shine bright under the V-CAN contest’s spotlight.

👏 Vote for the video you like most

· Simply click 👍 like on the particular video posted

· By January 31, 2021, at 12:00:00 am (ICT – Indochina Time), the popularity votes will be officially closed.

· Two video clips receiving the majority votes from the Facebook post will win the vote and be supplied equipment from AUN/SEED-Net.

Below is the list of contestants passing the pre-finalist round;

🎬 “A Tribute to AUN-SEED/Net”

presented by Dr. Ryan Dula Corpuz

🎬 “Thank You, AUN/SEED-Net for Improving ASEAN’s Human Development Index”

presented by Mr. Muhammad Fatih Qodri

🎬 “AUN/SEED-Net – My beautiful destiny and destination”

presented by Dr. Le Tuan Anh

🎬 “Voice of Cambodian AUN/SEED-Net Alumni, Dr. Saret Bun”

presented by Dr.Saret Bun

🎬 “AUN/SEED-Net – Open the Path for Me to Go to International Level”

presented by Dr. Faisal Budiman

🎬 “AUN/SEED-Net Video Contest Rio Pramanagara, West Papua – Indonesia”

presented by Rio Octovinary Pramanagara

🎬 “AUN/SEED-Net Seed for the Future”

presented by Mr. Rimmon Salvacion Labadan

🎬 “AUN/SEED-Net Alumni from Cambodia”

presented by Dr. Reasmey TAN

🎬 “Video contest for Alumni network – Tuan Dung Hoang, Hanoi, Vietnam”

presented by Dung Tuan Hoang

🎬“Renewable energy course”

presented by Mr. Xayalak Vilaida

🏆 Stay tuned for the excitement of the V-CAN winners’ announcement:

· By the end of February, all V-CAN winners, including Golden, Silver, Bronze, and popularity awards, will be announced via JICA project for AUN/SEED-Net Facebook, and website.

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