We are glad to announce that we open for application of Doctoral Program in Singapore (Ph.D. Singapore 2016) – 2nd Batch JFY 2016.
The admission to Singapore Universities is expected to be in January 2017.

Interested candidate can check out the Implementation Guideline and Application Form at https://www.seed-net.org/application_form.html.
To apply for the scholarship, applicants must submit soft copy of completed application (Excel format only) together with the scanned copy of endorsement letter to AUN/SEED-Net by E-mail: phdsin@aun-seed.net. Applicants are advised to study the Implementation Guideline in order to submit online application and supporting documents to Singaporean Universities (NTU and NUS).

Deadline to submitted the application to AUN/SEED-Net is July 31 (Sunday), 2016.
Deadline to submit the online application to Singaporean University please visit :
NTU http://admissions.ntu.edu.sg/graduate/R-Programs/BeforeApplying-Research/Pages/ApplicationPeriod.aspx
NUS http://www.gse.nus.edu.sg/applications.html#research

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