Program: Collaborative Research Program for Alumni (CRA)

Field: Energy Engineering

Principal Investigator: Dr. Pham Tuan Anh

Sending University: Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT)

Japanese Co-Investigator: Prof. Dr. Akihiko AZETSU

Japanese University: Tokai University

Year: 2014


The research project first was the combination work between Department of Process and Equipment/Faculty of Chemical Engineering (HCMUT) and Key-laboratory for Internal Combustion Engine (HCMUT). Biodiesel fuel from rubber seed oil was produced in Department of Process and Equipment by a newly supercritical methanol method which process of biodiesel production is free from using catalyst. As biodiesel fuels finish preparing, an engine testing for evaluating the performance, exhaust gas emissions and combustion characteristics will be next carried out in Key-laboratory for Internal Combustion Engine. Besides, we also sent the produced fuels to Prof. Akihiko AZETSU’s laboratory, Tokai University to evaluate fuel spray and combustion characteristics and have several biodiesel fuel samples tested in Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Malaya. From the obtained results, the resarch group make a conclusion that rubber seed oil methyl ester which is non-edible material could be a new possible alternative fuel source, especially for ASEAN countries. Secondly, we have succeeded in creating a strong cooperative link between Japanese – Malaysian – and Vietnamese Universities, this may be an initial step for further collabration in near future to develop a successful biodiesel industry in Vietnam. Create a strong collabrative network among JapaneseMalaysianVietnamese Universities Can help to establish a strong research group to work in the same field from from different disciplines , students can involve in and conduct valuable researches For society: the result obtained from research project confirm that rubber seed oil methyl ester can be a potential alternative fuel source to replace fossil fuel, this could be a solution in order to enhance the energy security and solve the air pollution issue towards a sustainable society. For industry: the research group expect this primary research may create a strong cooperative link between university and industry (e.g. Vietnam Rubber Group), this may be an initial step towards establishing a successful biodiesel industry, thus assisting to provide energy security for near future in Vietnam.