Program: Collaborative Research with Industry (CRI)

Field: Geological and Geo-Resource Engineering

Principal Investigator: Dr. MAY THWE AYE

Sending University: University of Yangon (UY)

Japanese Co-Investigator: Prof. Dr. Koichiro WATANABE

Japanese University: Kyushu University

Year: 2015


The researched area, Shwegyin gold district, is about 120 km NE of Yangon. It lies in the central granitoid belt (orogenic Belt) and within the southwestern part of Mogok Metamorphic Belt (MMB) in southern Myanmar. The gold and associated mineralization from Shwegyin area is of interest because it is the deposit of slate-hosted orogenic quartz “gold veins in Southeast Asia, and because of the economic potential of the district and potential for similar deposits elsewhere in the Slate belt.The characterizing local geology, ore paragenesis, alteration patterns by surface sampling, petrographic, textural studies and nature and origin of gold and associated mineralization have been taken by various analysis of microscopic study (thin- and polished sections), XRD, XRF, AAS, ICP-OES, SEM/EDX. Ore fluid characterisitcs and reconstruction of P-V-T-X evolution of paleo-fluids and the mineralizing processes have carried out by fluid inclusion study. High collaboration and contributes and supports much knowledge to the academic staff and students Quality discussion between research group, Getting good experience for research project and project management, The research going to become by grouping research and sharing knowledge. Can highlight to the student that how research is important , getting much knowledge from the research, it can provide their future development. This research is related with natural resources and it is very important for society and industry in a country. This research can provide not only in present of country’s economic situation but also in future of mining and exploration of natural resources.