Program: Collaborative Research Program for Alumni (CRA)

Field: Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Principal Investigator: Asst. Prof. Dr. Tan Chin Joo

Sending University: Universiti Malaya (UM)

Japanese Co-Investigator: Prof. Dr. Ken-Ichiro MORI

Japanese University: Toyohashi University of Technology

Year: 2013


Good boundary lubrication is necessary during cold stamping of steel sheets to prevent die wear and seizure of the parts owing to the high contact pressure. This study is aimed to improve the seizure resistance in a 1-step combined process of deep drawing and ironing of steel cylindrical cups using a commercial lubricant containing SiO2 nanoparticles with an uncoated die. The experimental results showed that seizure was observed for the lubricant containing no nanoparticles at an ironing ratio of ˆ’16.7 %. However, no seizures were observed for ironing ratios up to 4.2 % using the lubricant containing 2 wt% of SiO2. The resistance to seizure of the cup was significantly increased, leading to the formation of cylindrical cups having smooth surfaces and uniform side wall thickness.
Academic network with former supervisor for my doctoral study at Japan was strengthened. This project produced two undergraduates. A manual press machine and some measuring devices were purchased using this grant. With the purchased equipment, we are now able to perform a cup drawing test for demonstration & for research purpose. The knowledge gained from this study was transferred to students for training purpose. Industries may apply the developed technique to enhance the product quality.