Monitoring Visit at Kasetsart University

On March 6, 2019, another monitoring visit for AUN/SEED-Net scholars was held at International Studies Center, Kasetsart University (KU). The Secretariat representatives were warmly welcomed by 3 new scholars, 2 current scholars, and 6 faculty staff who attended the sessions.

The fruitful meeting started off with the informative session about the updated AUN/SEED-Net rules and regulations, safety conduct procedures during emergency, and the key importance of Financial Guidelines, with Ms. Wanichar Sukprasertchai, Senior Program Officer, and Ms. Paveenut Supanaroek, Accounting Officer leading the session.

The discussion session that followed was led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kasem Choocharukul, Assistant Executive Director.  The scholars shared their experiences and concerns about their academic and social lives during their studies. We were deeply impressed that all 3 new scholars could come up with the research topic only a few months after they arrived, reflecting that our students at KU are very active and motivated to engage in class and give their best effort in thesis researches. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kasem then further recommended the scholars to establish and expand their network among foreign friends in the academia during their studies. This extremely useful suggestion not only could possibly lead to many amazing collaborative projects in the future, but also expand the network of AUN/SEED-Net family.

It Runs in the SEED-Net Family

During the visit, we were touched by an impressive story that a pair of brothers by birth from Institute of Technology Cambodia (ITC) are both studying under AUN/SEED-Net scholarship. Rathborey, the elder brother who has been pursuing PhD in Environmental Engineering at KU, has recommended the master’s scholarship program to his younger brother, Ratboren. The brothers hence reunited again in Thailand and are working hard for their degree in the same engineering field. We are delighted to have the Chan brothers in the network and we pledge to grow and expand AUN/SEED-Net family even bigger.

The university monitoring visits are conducted annually at all Host Institutions in ASEAN. The main objectives are to meet students, their advisors and faculty staff to update students’ study progress, share information from AUN/SEED-Net programs, and to facilitate study and research activities of students and advisors.

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