Program: Collaborative Research for Common Regional Issues (CRC)

Field: Environmental Engineering

Principal Investigator: Dr. KUOK Fidero

Sending University: Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC)

Japanese Co-Investigator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fumitake TAKAHASHI

Japanese University: Tokyo Institute of Technology

Year: 2015


Solid waste management is one of major challenges for the municipality and government; especially, the fast-growing city like Phnom Penh City where satellite cities have been established rapidly faces widespread difficulties in both the collection and disposal of solid waste. Moreover, limited support on the landfill management has placed the present landfills as open dumps where transported waste is disposed irregularly at the field; this practice induces the production of methane emission”one of the main contributors to global warming. Inasmuch as the public welfare and sustainable urbanization are concerned, the detailed knowledge of waste composition is absolutely necessary for not only the management of solid waste but also the forecast of waste generation. Furthermore, this baseline data could give an insight for the potential recycling of urban mines and/or plastic, and composting of organic waste whereas total production of methane gas”a promising renewable energy source could be estimated. Strong technical and research collaboration between Kasetsart University, Tokyo Institute of Technology and Institute of Technology of Cambodia Methodology to use the IPCC model and insitu measurement of methane gas at landfill Research progress and finding are well shared and distributed with related government agency and waste management office under the Municipality of Phnom Penh. These findings could be used as baseline information for the well management of landfill and policy maker in the future.