Ms. Nilar Thein, one of our PhD Sandwich candidates currently studying at Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Indonesia, shared with us her experiences with AUN/SEED-Net and Host Institution (UGM).

AUN/SEED-Net’s Scholarship support

“My first contact with AUN/SEED-Net dated back in 2013 when I applied for Master’s Degree Program. Completely satisfied with Master’s Degree Program at UGM, I decided to pursue my Doctoral Degree Sandwich Program in Computer and Information Engineering (CIE) field at UGM without a doubt.”


“During December 2017 – June 2018, I had a great opportunity to participate in a Short-term Study Program in Japan (SSJP), supported by AUN/SEED-Net, to conduct my doctoral thesis under joint supervision of UGM’s advisor and co-advisor at Tokai University (Japanese supporting university). I have gained much knowledge as well as research techniques through this program. I would not have had this precious experience if I had not applied for AUN/SEED-Net scholarship program.


Life at UGM

As UGM is the oldest and largest higher education institution as well as the second top university in Indonesia that conducts various kinds of academic activities in several fields. Ms. Nilar Thein had uncounted opportunities to attend to several academic events.

“I always join conferences and seminars, where international academic staff and students from other countries could attend, explore, and share both at regional and international levels.”


“Interactive and multidisciplinary classes at UGM really much attract my attention because I can exchange ideas and obtain more opportunities to conduct practical experiments among classmates. Working on group projects with other students has developed my team working skill. Lecturers and supervisors are also friendly and very helpful and always come with useful suggestions and advance techniques. In addition, skillful experts from other universities and special guests from famous organizations are invited to deliver special lectures as well as to share their professional experiences.”

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