Outstanding Achievement of Dr. Thein Min Htike,

A Potential Alumnus of PhD Singapore Program

Dr. Thein Min Htike is an outstanding AUN/SEED-Net alumnus of Master Degree Program at Institut Teknologi Bandung(ITB) and Doctoral Degree Program at National University of Singapore(NUS) in Mechanical Engineering field. Now he is serving as an associate professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yangon Technological University(YTU). Apart from his academic duties, he is positioned as a chairman of AUN/SEED-Net Alumni Association of YTU as well.

1. As one of our distinguished alumni, how do you see the potential of AUN/SEED-Net’s support towards your career path?

I think AUN/SEED-Net’s support plays crucial role particularly for Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam( which normally require lots of qualified academicians who are equipped with intellectual capacity. As academic staffs are considered as basic foundation of all academic institutions which aim to produce generations of scientists and engineers, I have been fulfilling this value by becoming a faculty staff at YTU myself.

Personally, AUN/SEED-Net’s support has been helping me a lot in order to further develop my capacity and career path. Some of the highlights are:

(1) Being able to learn modern technologies and research practices

(2) Building up strong foundations for professional development

(3) Having academic network for regional cooperation

(4) Furthering my career ladder

2. After graduating under PhD Singapore program, how have you contributed back to the region or your country?

Immediately after graduation in 2012, I had been working as an assistant lecturer in Mandalay Technological University until 2014. There, apart from my teaching duty, I promoted research and transformed research practices for graduate degree programs. For example, after discussion with the staffs there, we promoted originality of research works and independent verification of research results in order to improve research quality.

Later, I moved to the Department of Technical and Vocational Education in the Ministry of Science and Technology in Nay Pyi Taw. There, I worked as an assistant director and a task force member who supported the establishment of Singapore Myanmar Vocational and Training Institute (SMVTI).

As an associate professor in YTU, I have introduced two new courses in the curriculum syllabus of the Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering program;

(i)          Measurements and instrumentation

(ii)         Feedback Control

The purpose of such modification of the syllabus is to cope with the changing need of developing industry in Myanmar and to better align the degree program in YTU with the international university. The modified syllabus took into effect in December 2016.

Now, I am also promoting and conducting research on renewable energy and sustainable development with international collaboration. One such project is “Capacity Enhancement on Wind Energy Usage for Sustainable Rural Development in Myanmar”. This is supported by Mekong Korea Cooperation Fund 2017.

Furthermore, I have been holding workshops on research and scientific writing in several technological universities in Myanmar in order to promote research quality.

I also assist and advise students and staffs about how to apply for scholarships or any other mobility programs under AUN/SEED-Net and Erasmus Mundus Mobility Program.

3. What achievement have you reached so far? You may name few events or works.

 Some of the achievements are:

(1)  Mekong Korea Cooperation Fund Project 2017
Project Title: Capacity Enhancement on Wind Energy Usage for Sustainable Rural Development in Myanmar
Role: Project Director
Project Duration: March 2018 to February 2020
Regional cooperation: Pusan National University of Korean and Ho Chi Minh University of Technology of Viet Nam

(2)  ASEAN Science and Technology Fellowship 2018
Project Title: Formulating Strategies and Effective Mechanism for Renewable Energy Policy Scenario of Myanmar
Role: Fellow
Project Duration: July 2018 to June 2019
National Collaboration: Department of Research and Development, Ministry of Education, Myanmar

(3)  The 10th AUN/SEED-NET Regional Conference on Energy Engineering, Yangon, Myanmar
Role: Editor and Secretariat

(4)  Any messages you would like to deliver to SEED-Net’s ongoing students or to our network members so far?

Apart from academic and intellectual opportunities we can get from various SEED-Net programs and activities, I enjoy very much for being able to engage in such a big network surrounded by people across Japan and ASEAN region. This is actually a big opportunity to grow, to collaborate and to work as a multi-national team. This network is invaluable and certainly will last in the long term.
Therefore, ongoing students should not focus only on their main academic goals but also should maximize the capacity of networking and knowledge sharing among their international counterparts.

4.  How have you engaged with AUN/SEED-Net activities such as RC and journal publication so far? How do you see them beneficial to attendees?

I acted as an editor and secretariat of the 10th AUN/SEED-NET Regional Conference on Energy Engineering held in Yangon Myanmar in November 2017. The conference is beneficial particularly to local attendees from both public and private sectors as follows:

(1)  Comparing their research quality with regional counterparts and receive suggestions
(2)  Exchanging research findings with leading researchers across ASEAN region and Japan
(3)  Building network with all possible parties

5.  As PhD Singapore program now opens call for applications, any messages would you like to deliver to those who are interested so far?

Getting a place as a doctoral degree student in universities in Singapore is rather competitive. To some extent, more challenges can even come at the time that you have been already accepted as a student. Yet, this will not obstruct the pursuit of your PhD Degree as you will always be able to receive the support as follows;

(1)  Excellent laboratory, library and manufacturing facilities
(2)  Dynamic environment
(3)  Opportunities to improve your weakness (e.g. academic writing course from Center of English Language Communication of NUS had changed the way I approach to research and reporting results effectively.)
(4)  International atmosphere

In order to secure your place as a scholarship awardee, please assure that you have 2 main

(1)  English language proficiency
(2)  Strong research proposal with proper justification and literature review

Being equipped with these above qualification, you will not miss any possible opportunities that will come along in the future.

It is very pleasure and delight to support Dr. Thein Min Htike via our scholarship programs. If you would like to join us, please do not miss a chance. Scholarships for a Ph.D. in Singapore 2019 are now open for applications. You can apply to study at NTU and NUS. The offer is only for August 2019 intake and partial self-support is required from candidates.

Applicants must first apply to the universities and then apply “online” to AUN/SEED-Net. The closing date for receipt of AUN/SEED-Net applications is 31 Jan 2019.

For more information, go to https://seed-net.org/application-forms/ and study the program guidelines.

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