Ms. Ei Ei Tun, Won “Best paper” Award

At the 4th International Conference on Engineering, Applied Science and Technology (ICeast) 2018, Phuket, Thailand

Ms. Ei Ei Tun is a faculty staff from Yangon Technological University (YTU) in Myanmar. Currently, she is doing PhD at Chulalongkorn University (CU), Thailand under JICA Project for AUN/SEED Net scholarship program. Her advisor is Assoc. Prof. Dr. Supavadee Aramvith and her Japanese co-advisor is Prof. Yoshikazu Miyanaga from Hokkaido University.

First, Ms. Ei Ei Tun, we would like to say “congratulations!” on the award of “Best Paper” at ICeast 2018. Could you please tell us briefly about this paper?

My research is about video coding standard which is important for high resolution video storage and transmission. I aim to reduce the time complexity of the newest video coding standard, called High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), with negligible loss in video quality. In this paper, I found some issues of previous time reduction method for HEVC that have not been solved. I highlighted the issues and proposed the solution in the paper. The solution is proven suitable by the experiments.

That is so interesting. Do you have any good experiences to share with us about working with your advisors and about Short-Term Study in Japan (SSJP)?

I wrote this paper when I was in Japan so this is one of the achievements attributed to SSJP. During SSJP in Japan, I studied at Hokkaido University. Prof. Yoshikazu and other professors supported me in writing this research for the conference.

At first, I discussed with my advisor about my research in details as well as reporting him regarding my progress. Later, my advisor told me about this conference and suggested me to publish the paper. He always provided guidance and suggestion. I did my best because of his support. Additionally, Assoc. Prof. Supavadee, my advisor at CU, also visited me in Hokkaido to discuss this research. I also had senior students in my group so I was able to discuss with them to improve my knowledge and experience.

Are there any challenges for this research? and how can you overcome those challenges?

As the HEVC is the newest video coding standard, there are not many researches about it. It is difficult to implement HEVC and difficult to find out the weaknesses. I needed to do step by step. I started from studying HEVC. I think I spent several months to understand what it is. After that, I wrote a proposal and started to implement HEVC.

About the award from ICeast. 2018, I think that I presented well within a limited time and was able to answer the questions from the audience. It is my first time to speak in public in such an international conference. The key is to practice and practice.

Do you have any tips for writing research or going to conference?

This is my first paper presented in the international conference. Before that, I do not know how to write a good paper. I need to learn from my advisors and acquire some knowledge from the internet. Some people might have already known how to write good paper for the conference. Therefore, we need to depend on ourselves as much as we can, in addition to the support you get from other people. This is the most important,

How do you think you can contribute to academia in the future after graduation from CU under AUN/SEED-Net scholarship program?

As I am an academic staff of YTU, I would like to support my students to apply for scholarships and to do good researches. During my PhD, I have learnt how to communicate with other people, build our network, and share our experiences. I also know how to motivate myself during my study. One of my students got ASEAN scholarships to study in CU.

I myself put my best effort until I got AUN/SEED-Net scholarship. In Myanmar, you have to pass examination and interview before you can apply to any scholarship. It was a long process and it was not easy.

I want to suggest people “Don’t give up.”


The paper entitled Feature Reduction on Fuzzy-SVM based coding Unit Decision on HEVC by Ei ei Tun, Supavadee Aramvith, and Yoshikazu Miyanaga has won Best Paper Award at the 4th International Conference on Engineering, Applied Science and Technology (ICeast) 2018 held in Phuket, Thailand ( on July 4-7, 2018.

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