Ms. Lai Lai Win, first-year Integrated PhD student at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) under AUN/SEED-Net scholarship, received “Best PRESENTER Award” at 5th International Conference on Agriculture, Biotechnology, Science and Engineering 2018 (ICABSE 2018), Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Here we are excited to interview about her success.

Congratulations, Ms. Lai Lai Win! As you have just started PhD program this year (2018), how have you been so far since your arrival at UPM, Malaysia?

I arrived Malaysia in February 2018. I was impressed by UPM campus. It’s so big and 46% surrounded by forest. Our university won the “BEST GREEN CAMPUS” for the past seven years.

During the last semester, I had the chance to meet a lot of foreigner students and discover their different cultures. Personally I find that the education system in Malaysia is so good. The lecturers are so nice and helpful. Furthermore, UPM produces commercialized research products. We can get a lot of latest papers and books from many data sources very easily.

My thesis title is “Virtual Reality (VR) Application of Engine Assembly and Disassembly Performance to Enhance Teaching and Learning”. In this semester, I will design Engine Components and will develop the VR Environments. My AUN/SEED-Net scholarship helped me to cover a lot of expenses like my living allowance and research funds.

About “Best PRESENTER Award” from ICABSE 2018 in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, could you please share with us about this paper, also your experience at the conference?

Our paper title is “Using Marker Based Augmented Reality (AR) for Training in Automotive Industry”. The objectives of this research are to develop and design an AR application for training system in automotive industry and to evaluate the effectiveness of the AR application.

My supervisor, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Faieza Abdul Aziz suggested me to join this ICABSE 2018 conference organized by IPN Education Group since my supervisor knew the reputation of that organization. I met many experts and practitioners from different universities around the world as well as postgraduate students with the aim of improving science and engineering techniques. Our conference papers will be published later in Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (JEAS) which is indexed by SCOPUS.

I faced many challenges in conducting this research paper because I need to develop virtual application of engine for education. This methodology is different from my background. Thanks to my supervisor I can write this conference paper very well. She always corrects and edits my conference paper. She is a very good, active, patient, and helpful lecturer, for this reasons I want to thank her a lot.

To go to the conference, I used Collaborative Research (CR) fund. For this reason, I would like to thank AUN/SEED-Net for its very kind support so that scholars like me can get a very good exposure attending international conference.

How about your plan for Short-term Study in Japan (SSJP), what are your expectations on SSJP training?

Yes, I  have planned to go SSJP soon. During the long visit in Japan, I plan to do the programming and developing VR application. After that, I will test application in UPM.

What about your future plan after graduation?

I have to accomplish my duty back in my home country at Yangon Technological University (YTU). I will also try to join other programs under AUN/SEED-Net. I am grateful that I secured the AUN/SEED-Net scholarship where after this I will have opportunity to join under Alumni scheme.

What do you want to tell your friends about doing research or studying?

Filling the gaps of the research that has not been completed is very challenging, yet interesting for engineering, and also the studies will never end. That is why I would like to encourage my friends to continue their studies and researches, and always challenge yourselves to achieve higher standard.

What do you want to tell your friends about AUN/SEED-Net?

 AUN/SEED-Net’s network is very big with good collaboration. The organization usually offers many programs. Therefore, I would like to invite my friends to join AUN/SEED-Net so that we can collaborate to promote researches in ASEAN and Japan Community.

Finally, I would like to thank again AUN/SEED-Net for giving me the opportunity to enhance my career and knowledge.

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