We are pleased to introduce you to one of the excellent students, Ms. Zon from The University of Yangon (UY), Myanmar. In 2014, she was awarded for AUN/SEED-Net scholarship studying Integrated Graduate Degree Program (integration of Master’s and Doctoral Degree Program) in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) at Chulalongkorn University (CU), Thailand. Since her academic performance is outstanding, one of the evidences is that she publishes 5 papers in high standard international journal, it is a great opportunity for us to have her sharing the secret behind her success.

During the interview, she shared that she learnt and gained many wonderful experiences and faced a lot of difficulties at the same time. She revealed the secret of her success that makes her stand out from others “…the key to success is attitude, motivation, and English skills…” Every times when struggling with her study she has never given up and never been afraid to ask when she doesn’t understand. She motivates herself to be active by seeking help from her advisor and people around. She also elaborated that the languages barrier might affect the performance of international students, so she emphasized the importance of English skills.

Ms. Zon also mentioned that without the strong support of her advisor (Dr. Somsak Panyakeaw) at CU and Japanese co-advisor (Prof. Yasuhiko Arakawa) at The University of Tokyo, she could not have reached this far. Dr. Somsak always pushes her to all opportunities, allows her to do anything and lets Ms. Zon learnt from the mistakes.

Lastly, Ms. Zon expressed her gratitude to AUN/SEED-Net. Because of the benefits to dispatch to Japan under Short-Term Study in Japan Program (SSJP), she has advantages to conduct many experiments with the better condition of facilities and equipment compared to other students.

Ms. Zon passed the thesis defense with an excellent result. She will be leaving Thailand and back to Myanmar in this August. She is planning to be a faculty member at the Sending Institution where she is from, University of Yangon. So we wish her all the best to the bright future ahead and we believe that she will contribute what she gained as AUN/SEED-Net scholarship student to her university and country.

You are really one of the exceptional AUN/SEED-Net scholarship student, we will definitely keep in touch with you with our future programs and activities. See you around!

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