Story by:

Dr. Hj. Khairul Anuar bin Shariff (Grad. Eng.)

Ph.D (Kyushu Uni.), MSc. Eng. (USM), B.Eng (USM)

Biomaterials Research Niche Group,

School of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering,

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

Regional Conference (RC) is a platform where the researchers between ASEAN countries will gather to discuss the current ideas or technologies for different engineering disciplines. The huge advantage of this conference is that we can build or engaged with the universities in Japan. Since the objectives of this program to strengthen the relationship between Japanese and ASEAN academic institutions, strong organizing committee for this conference must be established. In the perspective of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), we decided to organize this conference because its benefits to the research community in Malaysia. This RC gives a platform to researchers in Malaysia to build their networking or connection with Japanese academic institutions. In fact, this objective is aligned with the “Looking East Policy” that have been introduced by Malaysian government. For this policy, we choose Japan as a role model in every aspect as developing country. Therefore, we share a tip on how to organize regional conference efficiently.

Tips to organize a conference efficiently:

1. Use technologies for discussion

Lately, technology has been used in all aspects of human life. During the planning stage, we used different discussion platform such as social media and whatapps to discuss the matter related to the conference. This is really convenient since the discussion can be seen by other members.

2. Consider staff experience

The team of the organizing committee must have contained various experience in organizing conferences. This is really important factor in order to make the conference successful.

3. Time frame for task activities

Time frame while planning is important to make sure of the task given is completed before the dateline. This method is useful in order to monitor the progress of the whole planning.

4. Storyboard during the conference.

Organize a conference like you direct films or dramas. It needs a storyboard to ensure the programs run smoothly. Besides, by having a storyboard might help the organizer to identify the potential problem occurs during the event. In fact, you can see the whole picture of the program if you have your own storyboard for the event.

*This article only the personal view of the writer’s based on his experience as secretary of Regional Conference on Materials (RCM).

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