Get to know Dr. Khairi and what he is doing:

Dr. Khairi is currently a senior lecturer at USM in the field of electrical and electronics. His research interest includes Embedded system, FPGA, Real-time Control network system and IoT (internet of things).  Dr. Khairi obtained PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Bristol UK, MSc. in Embedded System from University of Essex, UK, and B.Eng in Communication Engineering from International Islamic University Malaysia.

His involvement with AUN/SEED-Net,

Dr. Khairi first joined AUN/SEED-Net in Regional Conference on Electrical and Electronics (RCEEE) in 2017. After that, he started catching up the news posted in our website and found that there are many interesting opportunities in addition to regional conference.

“AUN/SEED-Net provides good opportunities for students and young researchers. There are many activities with Japanese institutions and that’s a unique link. To get to know AUN/SEED-Net, we develop our students and expand great links with research groups.”

Why is this opportunity a good fit for you?

“… After joining RCEEE 2017, I get connected with one professor from Chulalongkorn University (CU). He invited me to attend the conference and the competition. So, to attend RC is not only to present paper but also to build networking. Networking is a key point in extending researches. Not only CU, I also exchange research ideas with Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Surabaya (RC 2017 host). I plan to get to know more about some research institutions in Japan as well. With AUN/SEED-Net, we expose to international level. To get to know people is the first step to make larger network…”

From his point of view, AUN/SEED-Net can contribute to the collaboration between universities and industries.

What about your future research?

The embedded system may be applied to many other areas (e.g. data, application, robot, healthcare, agriculture etc). Everything has the system. However, to integrate them and to make data transfer secure, there are some challenges. As of now, I am looking to data transfer and security. Later on, I can extend this to other challenges.

Do you have any message for the readers?

“Doing research is about extending and exploring [from previous findings]. I would recommend academician to get to know AUN/SEED-Net. This is a good opportunity. We can develop our students. It is great link.”

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