Program: Collaborative Research for Alumni Members (CRA)

Field: Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Principal Investigator: Dr. Tran Xuan Bo

Sending University: Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST)

Japanese Co-Investigator: Prof. Dr. Hideki YANADA

Japanese University: Toyohashi University of Technology

Year: 2014


Friction plays an important aspect in many control systems including fluid power systems. Friction is highly nonlinear and may lead to control errors, limit cycles, undesired stick-slip motion and poor performance of a fluid power system. It is, therefore, necessary to have a full understanding about the behaviors of friction of a fluid power actuator and to find their accurate mathematical friction model to analyze the performance of or to predict the behaviors of a fluid power system. The dynamic friction behaviors of fluid power actuators have been investigated but not fully done and a comprehensive dynamic friction model for a fluid power actuator is lacking. The proposed research focuses on four main objectives: first, to improve the friction model to simulate the dynamic friction behaviors of pneumatic cylinders under the effect of the frequency; second, to experimentally investigate the dynamic friction behaviors of fluid power actuators (especially, pneumatic cylinder) in the pre-sliding regime; third, to develop a comprehensive friction model by taking the dynamic friction behaviors observed in the pre-sliding regime into account; fourth, to apply the friction model to improve the simulation accuracy of the motions of fluid power systems. This research helped me to strengthen research cooperation between my supervisor in Japan and me. In addition, some technical papers can be published. Equipment & spare parts supported by the project helped my research group and my students to carry out t our experiments. I think that the experimental data and models developed in this project will be of use to engineers and researchers who are being engaged in the design of fluid power systems as well as who are implementing controls for fluid power systems with friction or who are investigating theory that lays the foundation of fluid power.