On 14 September 2016, AUN/SEED-Net secretariat including Mr. TAKASHIMA Jun, Project Coordinator, Ms. Vituta Silakhum and Mr. Tananchon Suttichauy, Program Officer visited Nanyang Technological University to meet with Prof. Wang Xin, new Associate Dean (Research) and Mr. Phil Quek, Manager of Graduate Studies. The purpose of the visit was to discuss the Doctoral Degree Program in Singapore (Ph.D. Singapore) and the overview of AUN/SEED-net project. After the meeting, the secretariat also met with scholarship student at NTU to discuss on their studies and academic performance.

Later at 13.00 PM, the secretariat visited National University of Singapore to meet with students under AUN/SEED-Net scholarship and discuss on their study progress and the difficulties they faced during their study. AUN/SEED-net will conduct the monitoring visit to both universities again expected in early March 2017, with the consultation with JICA Experts and Acting Executive Director of AUN/SEED-net.

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