Program: Collaborative Research for Common Regional Issues (CRC)

Field: Environmental Engineering

Principal Investigator: Dr. SENG Bunrith

Sending University: Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC)

Japanese Co-Investigator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yasumasa TOJO

Japanese University: Hokkaido University

Year: 2013


Cambodia is one of the developing countries in Southeast Asia and is facing with solid waste management problems, in particular in the urban town center. The waste issues in Cambodia are due to a number of causes such as technical, political, institutional, financial and social problems. To understand the real problems and to propose solution for future improvement, this research was carried out to gather all necessary information of all 24 provinces and towns, to conduct waste characterization study, to conduct KAP and willingness to pay study and to recommend the waste management plan/strategy. In addition to these main objectives, the extra works on total waste generation and its composition in the whole country with distinction of urban and rural area were estimated and use for further analysis. This research project is a good start to link both researcher from ITC team and the UP research team as well as with advisor from Japan. The project increase a practical knowledge of data collection and survey, in particularly to students. The finding from this research is very useful for both academic and public institution such as municipality, Department of Environment and Ministry of Environment. Basically, there was almost no data available in those agencies or the data available was not complete. With this research, a set of data were collected and can be used for further research/analysis.