Representatives from AUN/SEED-Net Member Institutions who have a strong intention to organize the Regional Conference are eligible to apply and receive a maximum grant of USD14,000. Theme of each RC must be closely related to any of the following 10 engineering fields, and cross disciplinary areas of a particular field are highly welcome:

  1. Chemical Engineering (ChE)
  2. Civil Engineering (CE)
  3. Computer and Information Engineering (CIE)
  4. Geological and Geo-Resource Engineering (GeoE)
  5. Materials Engineering (MatE)
  6. Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (ME/ManuE)
  7. Energy Engineering (EneE)
  8. Natural Disaster (ND)
  9. Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)
  10. Environmental Engineering (EnvE)

Due to the COVID-19 situation in ASEAN, AUN/SEED-Net is offering organizers the opportunity to organize the RC as a virtual event. The program guidelines, financial guidelines, and application forms can be found on the AUN/SEED-Net website:

Apply online by July 15, 2021 at
For inquiries, please email:

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