“Interested in hosting events and attending professional networking events with your AUN/SEED network?”

For those involved in organizing academic meetings, workshops, seminars, or other events to sustain the connection among alumni and strengthen the collaboration that potentially leads to sustainable cooperation in science and technology in the ASEAN, this is a great opportunity!

We are now calling for applications to the Alumni Support Program for Events (ASP-E), a newly launched program taking place during the Japanese Fiscal year (JFY) 2021.

Faculty members of an AUN/SEED-Net Member Institution with the motivation and leadership to make things happen, can form a team with at least five AUN/SEED-Net alumni. Apply now!

? Funding:

A grant of up to USD 5,000 per alumni group per program period.

? Program Period:

From May 5, 2021, or the contract signing date (whichever occurs later) to February 15, 2022

? Application Preparation and Deadline

  1. The program guidelines, financial guidelines, and application forms can be found on the AUN/SEED-Net website: https://seed-net.org/programs/asp-e/
  2. Apply online by March 31, 2021, at

For inquiries, please contact alumni@aun-seed.net

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