Without the contribution of our alumni, the long journey of AUN/SEED-Net would not be so fruitful. The Alumni Support Program for Event (ASP-E) has been created according to the belief that collaboration is good for self-development and can bring alumni together to strengthen the network and community.

We have added some highlights to make the final year of the award special. Join us in 2022 to create AUN/SEED-Net history.


  • Everyone in the AUN/SEED Network can join (at least five members).
  • Opportunity to arrange networking events such as seminars, industrial visits, workshops, etc., with supporting funds of USD5,000 from AUN/SEED-Net.
  • Alumni from Host and Sending universities can join the same alumni group.
  • Alumni groups can make a brief video and become part of our history.

Apply from now until February 28, 2022.
The Application Guideline is available here: https://seed-net.org/programs/asp-e/
For inquiries, please contact alumni@aun-seed.net

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