It is our pleasure to inform you that Collaborative Research Program (CR), 1st Batch of JFY2016, is now open for applications. (CR is available for applicant at Host Institutions(HIs) where the applicant supervising AUN/SEED-Net student only).

Please find the attachment for the CR Implementation Guideline and the attachment. The documents are also available to download at

Please kindly note that the application deadline is March 15 (Tuesday), 2016. Your support in disseminating information of this program to faculty members and students would be very much grateful.

At the present, AUN/SEED-Net does not accept any application submitted by an individual Principal Investigator.

Host Institution (HI) is responsible to gather all information from respective applicants to submit to AUN/SEED-Net (Please see attachment 1), submitting with a cover letter signed by a designated representative of each HI.

HI should ensure that all Principal Investigators are requested to study the guideline clearly and strictly follow the instruction. Thank you very much for your support on this matter.

Should you need any clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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