Event: AUN/SEED-Net Alumni Reunion 2020

Date: March 5, 2020

Venue: Bangkok, Thailand

Organizer: AUN/SEED-Net Secretariat

Support for participants: A. Fully funded / B. Partially funded

Number of participants: Approx. 100 pax

Recognizing over a thousand alumni as a crucial driving force of sustainable socio-economic development in the region, AUN/SEED-Net is organizing the first AUN/SEED-Net Alumni Reunion on March 5, 2020.

The main purpose of this event is to bring together AUN/SEED-Net alumni from all Member Institutions across ASEAN to foster, maintain and support a mutually beneficial relationship amongst alumni. In this event, there will be inspiring talks given by speakers from various organizations covering numerous interesting topics — the importance of alumni network, innovation & sustainability megatrends and their implications for engineering and funding & cooperation opportunity to name a few. Additionally, participants will get to immerse themselves in intensive discussion on selected focus areas under the theme of “emerging technology”. And let us not forget to mention that this event will provide participants with a great opportunity to meet their old friends and make new connections.

In this context, AUN/SEED-Net is launching a call for AUN/SEED-Net alumni working in any fields of engineering and in any job sectors.


AUN/SEED-Net alumni are former:

  • Students of AUN/SEED-Net Scholarship Programs
  • Advisors of AUN/SEED-Net students
  • Awardees of AUN/SEED-Net Research, Mobility and Training Programs
  • Organizers and sponsored participants of AUN/SEED-Net Regional Conferences


Open call: Now until January 26, 2020

Results: Last week of January

Registration: Last week of January (after announcement of results)

How to apply

Application form can be found here https://seed-net.org/application-forms/

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