Program: Collaborative Research for Common Regional Issues (CRC)

Field: Computer and Information Engineering

Principal Investigator: Asst. Prof. Dr. Miti Ruchanurucks

Sending University: Kasetsart University (KU)

Japanese Co-Investigator: Asst. Prof. Dr. Ikuhisa MITSUGAMI

Japanese University: Osaka University

Year: 2015


This research started from a medical motivation. In burn care application, there is a need to estimate dose of liquid provided to patients precisely. Our research aims to generate 3D triangular mesh of human body successfully using a low cost sensor, Kinect. This gives hope to an automated system where the ratio of burn vs. full skin can be calculated, to yield the dose of water. It computes the ratio using a semi-automatic segmentation program, compared to conventional method ˜Rule of Nines™. Specifically, we aim to build full-body point cloud of human and use image based segmentation program to divide burn and normal skin areas. The 2D segmented images would be mapped back to 3D, and yield the ratio. Difficulty in this work, with respect to other full-body reconstruction, is the person being captured is allowed to move. In fact, the person/patient is not likely to be able to stand still. This requires non-rigid registration to update reconstructed frames. At the present time, we™ve been developing multiple parts of the whole system. Students got a chance to do research with in Japan under Jp supervisor New methods are being developed Prospect system to assist burn care