Curious about what our alumni have been doing? Let’s watch the video!

Apart from the daily work carried out by university lecturers, a variety of events have been organized by our alumni groups as a platform for promoting further collaborations.

Under the Alumni Support Program for Events (ASP-E), through annual gatherings, seminars, workshops, and industrial visits, the connections of alumni groups have been strengthened and expanded.

We proudly present a short video from the alumni groups in 2022 from NUOL (Laos), UM (Malaysia), HCMUT, HUST (Vietnam), and ITC (Cambodia).

The video lasts less than five minutes, it shows alumni’s leadership and creativity in organizing activities and hear about the importance of the alumni group for its members. The video also offers some good ideas for those thinking about setting up a professional event, and who knows, the next alumni group founder might be you.

Enjoy the video and thank you for supporting our network.

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