AUN/SEED-Net visit to De La Salle University (DLSU) and University of the Philippines Diliman (UP)

On April 26-28, representatives from AUN/SEED-Net Secretariat including Assoc. Prof. Kasem Choojarukul, Mr. Watanabe Motoharu, and Mr. Iwadate Hiroshi, Mr. Fujinuma Shigeki, Ms. Kanokpan Paladech, and Ms. Sirin Chakamanont, visited Manila, Philippines to conduct an orientation for new students and monitoring session for current students at DLSU and UP. In general, the students are happy with their study.

During the trip, Mr. Watanabe and Ms. Kanokpan also visited Commission on Higher Education (CHED) to conduct a meeting with Dr. Patricia B. Licuanan at in order to discuss the Future Plan of AUN/SEED-Net.

The trip was wrapped up by the meeting with JICA, on the last day, Mr. Watanabe had a meeting with JICA Philippines Office to report activities of AUN/SEED-Net.

AUN/SEED-Net aimed at better understanding on implementation, expectation and commitment of AUN/SEED-Net scholarship among scholars, orientations are normally held for newcomers. This is a good chance for new scholars to learn rules and regulations while getting to know AUN/SEED-Net staff in-charge as well as other scholars at the same Host Institutions.

During study, the scholars will be monitored regularly to ensure their satisfactory performance and to identify any hindrance. The monitoring visits also allow the Secretariat to interact with the faculties involved in shaping up the desired structure of some programs of study.

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