On 27 April 2016, AUN/SEED-Net dispatched team went to KU to interview two researchers, Assoc. Prof. Chart Chiemchaisri and Dr. Tidarut Jirawattanasomkul who got awarded for AUN/SEED-Net Collaborative Research Program with Industry (CRI).

Dr. Chart, the CRI project’s name is “Development of Membrane Bioreactor Technology for Hospital Wastewater Treatment in Thailand”. It commenced in 2013 to treat the domestic wastewater treatment with the collaboration form the company and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. After that, in 2015, with the continuation of CRI, he expanded his area to pharmaceutical wastewater with the collaboration from the company and Piyavej Hospital. We got a chance to see the pilot plant of “Membrane Bioreactor System” at the faculty of Environmental Engineering.

Dr. Tidarut, the CRI project’s name is “Development of Upgrading Systems for Structural Performances of Existing Concrete Bridges in Thailand”. Dr. Tidarut aims to implement an innovative Image Measurement System (IMS) for maintenance all the bridges in Thailand and expand to the bridges in ASEAN and beyond. In order to achieve that, Dr. Tidarut demonstrates the IMS on ‘Namphongkao’ bridge in Khonkaen, Thailand.

In addition, AUN/SEED-Net also visited International Studies Center (ISC) at Kasetsart University to discuss the possibility on how we can improve the operation and monitoring of AUN/SEED-Net scholarships and research grants at KU.

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