Program: Collaborative Research with Industry (CRI)

Field: Civil Engineering

Principal Investigator: Asst. Prof. Tran Nguyen Hoang Hung

Sending University: Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT)

Japanese Co-Investigator: Prof. Dr. Hitoshi TANAKA

Japanese University: Tohoku University

Year: 2013


The Mekong Delta, which locates in the down stream of the Mekong River , was strongly influenced by annual floods, especially in 2011 the flood reaching the highest water level in the last 30 years. The characteristics of the flood in 2011 were the highest water level, high flow speed, fast
raising water level, and slow draw down. These particular flood properties resulted in serious damages for the infrastructure system such as levees to protect rice fields, highway embankments, and rural areas constructed above the floodwater to protect rural people. Eight provinces along the two big rivers – the Hau river and Tien river – in the Mekong Delta have been remarkably affected by annual floods. Consequently, several earth levees were broken in An Giang province and Dong Thap province. Thousand hectares of rice fields, sugar cane fields, and other fruit fields were submerged under the floodwater. The flood in 2011 had caused serious socio-economic losses such as rice fields, houses, many human lives, and so on, and cost about 150-200 million USD (according the reports of the eight local governments).
An Giang and Dong Thap are the two provinces (population of 4 million people) of the Mekong Delta that face directly annual floods from the up stream of the Mekong River when it reaches the Vietnam land. The both provinces locate at the border between Vietnam and Cambodia, and about 200 km from the Southwest of Ho Chi Minh City . Some typical damages recorded in these provinces were levees broken, highway embankments sliding due to floods .
An Giang has about 1,920 km levees surrounding 131,000 hectares of rice fields against annual floods and 245 rural population areas built above the highest floodwater level with 180,000 local people living safely during the annual floods. The flood in 2011 caused about 322 m levees broken and about 66,000 hectares of rice fields submerged under the floodwater. An Giang lost about 500 billion VND (~ 25 million USD) (according to An Giang Department of Agriculture). Dong Thap province has also spent 300 billion VND (~ 15 million USD) to reinforce about 400 km earth levees to protect 27,000 hectares rice and fruit fields, and approximate 3 million m3 of soil material needed to raise levees’ elevation (annual report of Dong Thap Agriculture Department).

(Source: Application to CRI 2013)