Due to the need for sustainable development after the economic downturn in ASEAN region in 1997, AUN/SEED-Net was officially established as a sub-network under the auspices of ASEAN University Network (AUN) in 2001 from leaders’ initiatives derived at earlier meetings related to ASEAN – Japan Summit.

Full operation of AUN/SEED-Net Project started in 2003 with main support from the Japanese Government through Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Member Institutions (MIs) and Member Governments. The network of AUN/SEED-Net is composed of 26 Member Institutions from 10 ASEAN countries selected from leading institutions in respective countries. Project activities have been implemented by the Member Institutions and AUN/SEED-Net Secretariat with support from 14 leading Japanese Supporting Universities and JICA Project for AUN/SEED-Net.

Framework of Phase IV

The framework of Phase IV drawing strategic direction of project implementation throughout the five-year time frame is as follows;


The purpose of the project, which is expected to be achieved by the end of the project period, is “the network of AUN/SEED-Net among member countries is well maintained and expanded.”


  • To nurture international competitive personnel with multicultural awareness through academic cooperation among leading higher education institutions for engineering in ASEAN and Japan.
  • To advance the education and research capacities of leading higher education institutions for engineering in the region through collaboration and solidarity between the institutions and industrial sectors in ASEAN and Japan.

Expected Outputs

  • Networks among Member Institutions, industry and community are strengthened.
  • Research and educational capacity of Member Institutions is enhanced through collaboration among Member Institutions/ Japanese Supporting Universities.
  • Joint research is promoted for solving regional common issues.
  • Academic network among Member Institutions/Japanese Supporting Universities is strengthened and expanded.

Operation Strategy

To achieve the projects purpose and ensure the sustainability after the completion of the AUN/SEED-Net phase IV, AUN/SEED-Net will create a platform for human resource development in science and technology in this region by providing young academic staff and prospective academic staff with opportunities to study not only at MIs in the ASEAN region and/or JSUs but also at Non MIs in ASEAN and/or Japan.

For example, AUN/SEED-Net will take an initiative to foster the development of mobility programs (e.g., joint/double degree programs) by introducing the Collaborative Education Program in Phase IV, An interested MI may propose the introduction of a joint education program in partnership with other MIs, JSUs or even non-member universities in ASEAN and/or Japan to the Secretariat. AUN/SEED-Net will nominate and finance the program and the awarded institution will be fully responsible for the implementation of the program. Contributions from external organizations will be encouraged to make the program financially sustainable. It is expected that this program would help MIs’ to initiate and conduct activities to directly respond to their specific needs and policies in a self-sustaining manner. This program would also help to expand the academic networks developed by AUN/SEED-Net to non-member universities in the region and Japan.

In addition, one of the most important assets of AUN/SEED-Net are the academic networks developed by leading universities in the field of engineering in ASEAN and Japan. These networks were further strengthened through joint research work and graduate degree scholarship programs in Phase III. In Phase IV, AUN/SEED-Net will further enhance the academic networks by (1) establishing alumni associations and/or groups and organizing alumni meetings and events, (2) creating a database on alumni members and AUN/SEED-Net researchers and (3) periodically publishing the ASEAN Engineering Journal (AEJ).

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