Program: Collaborative Research Program for Alumni (CRA)

Field: Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Principal Investigator: Dr. Ly Hung Anh

Sending University: Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT)

Japanese Co-Investigator: Prof. Dr. Hirotsugu INOUE

Japanese University: Tokyo Institute of Technology

Year: 2014


The main objective of proposed research is to improve and construct a Drop Weight Impact Machine in HCMUT based on the design of the one in ITB with supervision of ITB and Tokyo Tech. The machine can be used as a means for further research collaboration among the tri-partite Tokyo Tech “ HCMUT and ITB.
The research in impact of structure is chosen for the present proposed research, because of impact safety and weight saving. Impact safety and weight-saving are two important design goals for energy absorbing structure in automotive industry. Crashworthiness of a structure may be defined by the ability of the structure to absorb energy during collapse in a controlled manner. Considering to the event of frontal collisions, modern automotive design practice calls for the use of front longitudinal members to behave as the primary load path for the impact forces and provide energy absorption in the form of axial collapse, ensuring that the forces transferred to the occupant™s compartment are within an acceptable safety level. Due to this importance, a number of researchers have conducted experimental and numerical studies investigating the energy absorbing characteristics, deformation mechanisms and failure of structural members during collisions. On the other hand, weight-saving is also important for the vehicle manufacturers to increase the speed, size and fuel efficiency of transportation vehicles, while reducing production costs. The collaboration among the tripartite Investigator and his team in HCMUT “ Professor Hirotsugu Inoue and Dr. Yu Kurokawa in Tokyo Tech “ Professor Ichsan Setya Putra and Assoc. Prof. Tatacipta Dirgantara in ITB is enhanced. This is the first step to build up a Drop Weight Impact Machine for experiment in impact research. Impact safety and weight saving are very important criteria in automotive industry. Impact study for thinwalled prismatic columns in this research project promises to open a new key research for not only Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology but also industry in Vietnam.